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Acne Scarring

Acne can be a distressing skin condition, especially when it occurs during adulthood. Angry spots, raised lumps and redness of the skin can all be symptoms of active acne.

An often complex skin complaint, the presence of acne can be influenced by various factors and therefore finding the most effective acne treatment for you largely depends on the reason for the outbreak.

Acne is a common skin condition that often affects teenagers or young adults of both sexes. However, adults of all ages from mid-twenties through to mid-fifties are increasingly affected and troubled by congested skin, redness, blocked pores and skin blemishes.

Treatments can be offered at Elixir Cosmetics in London to help combat and treat various forms of acne and acne scarring which are tailored specifically to the underlying reason for the condition. Book a consultation to learn more.

What causes acne and acne scarring?

There are four main reasons for acne to present: hormones, oily skin, bacteria and inflammation. We’ve broken them down below along with some acne treatments we have available. Booking a consultation will allow the Elixir Cosmetics experts to diagnose your specific acne cause and treatment is essential.


For the majority of sufferers, acne outbreaks begin around the same time as puberty due to the body producing hormones called androgens. These hormones, while a natural part of the body’s development, may cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and be over stimulated for acne sufferers.

Androgens are also responsible for acne flare-ups associated with the menstrual cycle and in some cases pregnancy. Acne treatments can address these hormonal imbalances and help the body naturally heal.

Oily Skin

If you suffer with acne as a result of exceptionally oily skin, acne treatments may help. When the sebaceous gland is stimulated by androgens, it produces extra sebum (oil). Sebum mixes with skin bacteria and dead skin cells that have been shed from the lining of the follicle.

While this process is entirely normal, the presence of extra sebum in the follicle increases the chances of clogging and can cause spots to appear. Stress levels can also affect oil production and can increase the severity of blocked skin and acne.


The bacterium Propionibacterium acne is present on all skins and is part of the skin’s natural sebum maintenance system. However, once a follicle is plugged, bacteria multiply rapidly, creating the chemical reaction we know as inflammation in the follicle and surrounding skin resulting in redness and, in some cases, painful swelling. There are acne treatments to help reduce symptoms.


When you are exposed to unwanted bacteria your immune system sends in an army of white blood cells to attack. This is why spots and pimples can be red, swollen and often painful. The inflammatory response is different for everyone, but studies have shown that it is especially strong in adult women.

Fortunately, you have acne treatment options at Elixir Cosmetics, however, acne is highly individual, and acne treatments and the response to those treatments does vary from person to person. Often several treatments are recommended in combination, and so we offer an extensive range of acne treatments.

Where does acne present most commonly?

Acne appears most commonly on the face, but can also appear on the back and chest.

What treatments can help treat acne scarring?

The best treatments for you and your skin will be advised after a full consultation to leave your skin clear and scar free.

There are numerous ways to improve the look and symptoms of active acne, and even the scarring acne may leave behind. We have high caliber energy-assisted acne treatments to help.

Some of our top treatments include Fractora, PRP, Dermapen and Mesotherapy.


Fractora skin treatment is a fractional rejuvenation and resurfacing treatment that restores skin to its pre-acne appearance. It uses RF energy which heats the deep layers of the skin in a controlled way to clear skin and revitalise the collagen.

Read more about Fractora here.


This technique is a radical clinically proven medical procedure that uses the science of stem cells, and the healing factors in your own blood, as a safe an effective way to improve acne prone skin.

Read more about PRP here.


This is a medical microneedling treatment that is used to stimulate new collagen, improve skin textured and is used to significantly improve the appearance of acne and spot prone skin.

Read more about Dermapen here.


Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure where a series of superfine injections of vitamins are delivered into the mesodermal layer of the skin to reduce acne and improve scarring.

Read more about mesotherapy here.

What is a consultation for acne scarring treatments like?

The consultation is probably the most important part of a patient’s acne treatment journey and should never be under-estimated.

Our cosmetic doctors will carry out a thorough skin assessment and discuss acne treatments, based on your individual needs, on a one-to-one basis in a relaxed atmosphere.

All acne treatments and skin rejuvenation procedures are individually planned and tailor-made to your unique requirements. During the initial consultation a member of the Elixir Cosmetics team will explain all of the acne scarring treatment options and recommend the most suitable treatment, or combination of treatments, for you.

What happens during acne scarring treatments?

A full medical history and clinical examination will be performed and a diagnosis made prior to recommending and administering the treatment. You need to book a consultation before undergoing acne scarring treatments or any of our skin rejuvenation such as skin peels.

Are these treatments painful?

Side effects are minimal, making these comfortable skin rejuvenating treatments. Our patients report few side effects, as the treatment is quick and effective without being aggressive.

How many treatments do I need?

This depends on what your individual needs are.

Where can you get more information?

If you would like to know more about acne treatments please book a consultation with us. Don’t forget we also offer other facial rejuvenation treatments to help transform the skin, including ZO skin peels.

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