Advice for patients considering lip enhancement treatments

What to ask about lip enhancement treatments

Lip enhancement treatments have gone from strength to strength in the last 5 years. Not only are the techniques in administering lip fillers improving all the time, but the media is bursting with information and case studies who have undergone this form of facial rejuvenation.

Celebrities are coming out of the woodwork left, right and centre to tell the world about their experiences with lip enhancement treatments but it’s undeniable that lip fillers have become a mainstream cosmetic treatment now.

In this week’s blog we’ll be talking you through the basics of choosing a doctor for this type of treatment, and what you need to know.

Lip fillers in the news

With so much talk of plumper pouts in the news, at Elixir Cosmetics we’ve certainly noticed a rise in the number of women – and men for that matter – coming to see us for lip enhancement consultations and treatments.

It’s true, in the right hands this form of cosmetic treatment can provide patients with a remarkable charge to their facial appearance overall – but what advice should you take to ensure your results make your pout look hot not horrible?

Elixir Cosmetics top tips

  • Understand the treatment

It’s a good idea to research lip filler treatments before you choose a doctor; knowledge is power

  • Pick an expert

Not all cosmetic doctors are created equally; always do your research and choose someone with a great reputation

  • Less is more

When it comes to lip fillers start off small; if you like the result and want to try going ‘bigger’ you’ll still look natural

When seeking lip enhancement treatments, like dermal fillers, it is important that patients do their research. We encourage our patients to ask questions and be aware of the risks and complications that may be associated with the treatment.

Pick a real expert

Lip enhancement treatments are rapidly growing in popularity, which means more practitioners are offering the lip fillers. This can be a great thing for patients as it means they have a larger group of providers to choose from.

However, it also means many less credible practitioners are also offering the treatment. To avoid encountering a negative experienced whilst undergoing lip enhancement treatment, we advise patients to conduct research into the treatment and their chosen practitioner before making the decision to undergo treatment.

Ask us for more information

The message is clear – if you want great natural results from lip enhancement treatments like dermal fillers, you need to choose and expert.

The Elixir Cosmetics team in London offer a professional but friendly service, meaning you’ll be relaxed before and during your treatment – safe in the knowledge that you’re in the best possible hands for your lip enhancement treatment.

Book an appointment today for more information on lip enhancement in North London. We also offer patients a variety of non invasive facial rejuvenation treatments including muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, PRPT (platelet rich plasma therapy) and thread lifts.

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