Dark Circles

There are common ageing concerns that many patients seek treatment for, and the eyes area is certainly one of the areas of the face patients look to improve. The eyes are one of the first places to show the effects of ageing.

Through notable weight loss, stress and ageing, the under eye area becomes thinner and begin to sag, creating a sunken indentation and tired looking eyes. Dark circles form and in some, puffy looking bags begin to emerge.

At Elixir Cosmetics we offer skin rejuvenation treatments to help patients with a variety of worries, including dermal fillers for wrinkles and lines around the eyes, chemical skin peels for hyperpigmentation and acne scarring, and treatments for dark circles under the eyes.

At Elixir Cosmetics we offer several treatments that can have a remarkable effect on the way your under eye area looks.

Why consider treatment for dark circles?

While drinking lots of water and getting quality sleep is a great way to reduce eye bags, but sometimes it’s deeper than being run down or dehydrated. It’s possible to improve the appearance of dark circles under the eyes with aesthetic treatments.

Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments are versatile, and sometimes we can use one or more non-invasive treatments to help improve the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Who is suitable for dark circles treatment?

We see many patients that are unhappy with their tired eyes and eye bags, so you are not alone. It’s just as common in men as women, although women tend to be more inclined to want to fix it.

There are various reasons some patients develop eye bags and dark circles. In some cases this can be a genetic fault, leaving patients with skin pigmentation issues. UV rays and even hormonal shifts can cause dark circles. As well as this, many patients find ageing can affect the under eye area, and as we get older these darker areas of skin under the eyes can start to be troublesome.

Skin gets thinner as we age, and combined with volume loss and skin laxity it’s easy to see why eye bags and dark circles can become more visible – and in turn more distressing for patients. Thankfully we can help patients who wish to reduce ageing eyes, including the existence of dark circles.

What treatments can help treat dark circles?

If you want to treat dark circles under the eyes there are some effective cosmetic treatments available. Here are some of our more popular treatments available to help those hoping to boost volume in the mid face.

Tear trough dermal fillers

If the concern specifically is volume or fat loss some patients may benefit from a small dosage of hyaluronic acid filler to soften the dark circles (shadow from the depression) and create a barrier or cushion between the skin and deeper tissues that may further the appearance of these gloomy circles.

Read more about dermal fillers here.


In methods of skin rejuvenation, treatment using carboxytherapy pay particular attention to the improvement of microcirculation, oxygenation, energy supply of cells, and protection of the dermis. The injections trick the lower eye area into thinking it needs more oxygen that in turn encourages the body to increase the blood flow to the area and reduce dark circles.

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What happens during these treatments?

Both treatments for dark circles work differently and therefore offer different results. Ask our experts about treating this common condition and do your research before choosing your skin rejuvenation treatment.

Are dark circle treatments painful?

These treatments are considered to be comfortable and the Elixir Cosmetics team will ensure you’re at ease before, during and after treatments.

How many treatments do I need?

Often just one. Treatment times vary depending on the treatment areas, but most sessions take just 20-30 minutes. Follow up treatments to maintain the results may be required.

More information about treating dark circles

We welcome your questions about treating dark circles and improving the area under eyes. It’s important to remember, that while these types of treatments are popular and quick to perform, they do require a skilled cosmetic doctor to perform them.

We also offer treatments to improve the appearance of sunken cheeks and can boost volume in the mid face. Contact us today and enjoy a fresher apperance.


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