Excessive Sweating

The body sweats in order to regulate its temperature, however for some people excessive sweating can be a source of deep upset, and in some cases can affect a person’s quality of life.

Treatment for hyperhidrosis is simple and effective, helping patients suffering from excessive sweating from the armpits and hands, as well as other areas of the body. We offer treatment using Botox for it here at Elixir Cosmetics – you can book a consultation here.

What is excessive sweating?

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is a common but often distressing and embarrassing condition where a man or woman sweats more than normal. Excessive sweating doesn’t pose a serious threat to a person’s health, but it can be stressful and upsetting. The inconvenience of it can also have a negative impact on a person’s quality of life.

There is no set way of defining hyperhidrosis, but if excessive sweating is interfering with your daily life and normal activities, you may want to seek treatment. Numerous people with the condition are too embarrassed to seek medical help or believe that nothing can be done to improve their symptoms, however, there is help available.

Where does this condition affect?

This issue can affect specific parts of the body, most commonly the armpits, hands, feet or face, known as focal hyperhidrosis, or the entire body, known as generalised hyperhidrosis.

What causes this condition?

Most cases of generalised hyperhidrosis have an underlying cause, such as a side effect of taking medication or it can be related to another condition, such as an overactive thyroid gland. This is sometimes called secondary hyperhidrosis.

Saying that, many cases of focal hyperhidrosis have no obvious cause, although many experts believe that problems with the nervous system may be responsible. Whatever the type of excessive sweating you suffer from, Elixir Cosmetics in London are able to help you, with a simple and effective treatment plan that can offer almost immediate relief.

What treatments are available?

Hyperhidrosis treatment is straightforward and quick. More often than not injectable treatments can be offered. We use Botox Cosmetic as part of excessive sweating treatment.

What happens during this treatment?

Small amounts of Botox are injected in to the affected area to freeze the glands that produce sweat. This actively and effectively halts the production of sweat. No surgery or painful treatments are needed, just the results you seek with minimal fuss.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

There are numerous positives to undergoing hyperhidrosis treatment with many patients calling the injectable treatment life changing. Treatment for excessive sweating is comfortable takes just 15-30 minutes, meaning it can slot nicely in to your lunch hour.

How long do the results last?

Usually results last three to six months. Top up treatments will be required every 6-8 months in order to maintain the results. Patients usually decide this is a fair trade to live a life free to excessive sweating and the concerns the condition of hyperhidrosis brings with it.

Is this treatment right for you?

The first step in treating excessive sweating is booking a consultation to establish the condition as well as the treatment. Our aesthetic practitioners are on hand to carry out a thorough assessment of your concerns and discuss individual needs.

All treatments are tailored to your needed and requirements. During the initial consultation we will explain all your treatment options and recommend the most suitable path for you in reducing the symptoms of hyperhidrosis. We also offer a variety of non-surgical aesthetic treatments to reduce the appearance of lines and rejuvenate the skin, such as ZO skin peels, dermal fillers and PRPT.

We welcome you to join the aesthetic experts at Elixir Cosmetics for an informal introductory discussion. Contact us today for more information.


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