Rise of lip augmentation treatments

The rise of lip augmentation in London and beyond

When it comes cosmetic treatments to improve the aesthetics of the face, the continuing rise of lip augmentation in London remains a clear focus. Not only for Elixir Cosmetics clients but also in the media.

Thanks to the continued coverage in the mainstream press UK and across the world, our clients are more aware than ever that celebrities and well-known faces from the entertainment industry are undergoing cosmetic treatments to improve the natural size or shape of the lips.

On top of this, research from RealSelf revealed millennial women are now leading the way when it comes to non-surgical treatments, including lip augmentation with over 6 per cent of all online enquires via the trusted site being for women aged 18-34 in UK and US.

Other popular and most searched non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments included muscle relaxing injections and dermal fillers for the cheeks.

The celebrity effect

It’s rare a day goes by where at least one of the online media outlets feature an article on lip augmentation – whether that is because of a recognised person, or as part of an advanced beauty feature.

Without doubt it’s been model (and equally famous Kim Kardashian-West’s baby sister) Kylie Jenner who has put lip augmentation treatments on the map. TV star Jenner has openly admitted to undergoing a non-surgical lip augmentation – using fillers – in order to change the shape of her size, as well as plump the natural volume of both the upper and lower lips.

Considering lip augmentation treatments

Whilst seemingly receiving daily commendations from the world’s elite, and women’s magazines and daily newspapers inundated with features and articles about lip augmentation treatments, this form of cosmetic treatment should not be undertaken lightly or simply because a celebrity has endorsed it.

This form of cosmetic treatment – whether it is to improve the signs of lip ageing or volumise the lips – should be only undertaken after a full consultation with a medical practitioner like Dr Qureshi who understands the risks as well as the rewards of your chosen cosmetic treatment.

Lip fillers remain a popular, however often trivialised, form of cosmetic treatment, and it’s important to remember that like any aesthetic treatment cosmetic procedures to alter the shape or size of the lips, it should be considered medical in nature. This means lip englarments, using dermal fillers, should be carried out by a fully qualified and experienced cosmetic doctor or trained medical professional, such as Dr Qureshi.

Benefits of lip augmentation

Lip augmentation with dermal filler is not ever-lasting and clients will need top up treatments to maintain the results. When it comes to choosing an expert for lip augmentation in London, it’s imperative you seek the advice and services of an expert who has the skills and training to perform the treatment you require.

Book a consultation today

A full cosmetic consultation is required before any lip enlargement can occur. For more information on lip augmentation procedures book a consultation. You can find more information on non-surgical lip fillers via Elixir Cosmetics treatment pages.

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