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Neck and Décolletage

A common concern for women as they get older is the appearance of the neck and décolletage. This is when the skin on and around the neck and upper chest appears ageing, with lines and wrinkles showing as well as age spots.

At Elixir Cosmetics we offer several skin rejuvenation treatments that can have a remarkable effect on the way crepe décolletage looks. We provide some of the most popular treatments to improve the appearance of the neck and chest area for you to consider if this particular skin concern sounds like you.

Why consider neck and décolletage treatments?

Hyperpigmentation, sagging skin, skin creases and age spots can also be a concern in the same area, leading to a feeling of dissatisfaction in one’s appearance over time. This can all be a result of the ageing process, but other factors to blame can include sun damage.

Whilst this is a common concern, it can make you look older than your years. It’s quite natural for a patient to want to do something about this, and invest in one or a combination of anti ageing skin rejuvenation treatments.

Who is suitable for neck and décolletage treatments?

As well as environmental factors such as sun damage, the ageing process can have a dramatic effect on the way this part of the body looks. This can start at the neck and run down into the chest area.

Skincare is important, and regular use of quality products can help to reduce the symptoms of crepe décolletage but cannot prevent it. Skin rejuvenation treatments, however, can make a marked improvement. The demand for treatments for the neck area has risen in the last 5 years, particularly with female patients over 50.

What treatments can help treat these areas?

If you want to treat a saggy neck or crepe décolletage there are some excellent effective solutions. You may choose one or it may be recommended a combination of two is likely to provide better results. Here are some of our best treatments available to help those with skin ageing of the area.

Dermal fillers

A tried and tested method of anti ageing, dermal fillers are a popular and trusted way to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. There are different products available, but the end goal is to volumise the contour the area they are injected into.

They are versatile too, so if you have poor skin condition or are worried about lines and wrinkles on the face or neck, they may be the solution you’re looking for.

Read more about dermal fillers here.

Skin peels

The results of skin peels are natural-looking and can be used in combination with other anti-ageing skin rejuvenation treatments to reduce other ageing concerns such as age spots. We offer ZO peel and PRX T33 peel to transform the look of the neck and décolletage. Check out both treatment pages to see which is more likely to help you or contact us for more information.


Botox injections are useful as they can help to relax the muscles of the neck and chest, making lines look less pronounced. The results are modest and are more suitable for treating the neck specifically.

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What is a consultation for neck and décolletage treatments like?

This is a relaxed discussion to allow the team to understand how best to treat your worries regarding your ageing neck and chest. We will listen to your concerns and address them with quick and safe skin treatments as part of in-clinic treatments.

What happens during these treatments?

Each treatment for ageing neck and décolletage works differently and offers different results. It’s a good idea to do your research before committing to any skin rejuvenation treatment and making sure you understand what is involved.

Are these treatments painful?

These treatments are considered to be comfortable and the Elixir Cosmetics team will ensure you’re at ease before, during and after treatments.

How many treatments do I need?

This varies between patients and what needs to be done to improve ageing signs in this area. Often 1 treatment session is enough to get the results for skin ageing issues.

More information about treating the neck and décolletage

We would love to meet you and hear your story. Whatever aesthetic concerns you have, whether it’s crepe décolletage or sagging skin, the team are on hand to help you. Contact us today and start your journey to a happier you.

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