Platelet Rich Plasma for skin rejuvenation

Undergoing Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy as skin rejuvenation

A lesser known (but highly effective) form of skin rejuvenation that is currently attracting more attention than ever is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.

Using a patients own blood to rejuvenate the skin, this advanced anti-ageing treatment offers a more natural option for clients hoping to transform their skin’s appearance as well as reduce ageing lines and wrinkles.

Healthy, glowing skin is covetable but it can be difficult to maintain as we enter our thirties and the skin’s natural ability to produce and renew collagen supplies reduces. Whether you choose to eat your way to healthy looking skin or invest in a cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatment like PRPT, Elixir Cosmetics in North London offers patients this cutting edge aesthetic treatment.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRPT)?

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and you can often get out what you put in with a good diet and a committed skincare regimen. However, often with age the skin can become dull or discoloured in places, and for some men and women fine lines may appear in areas such around the eyes.

For these concerns, skin rejuvenation treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (sometimes called the vampire facelift) can help.

PRPT offers a non-surgical cosmetic solution to tackle dull, lacklustre skin, as well as ageing facial lines, and leave clients looking radiant and youthful – all using only natural components already found within your own body.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a minimally-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that uses the body’s own natural resources to make skin appear fresher, radiating a youthful glow.

It can be offered as both an anti-ageing treatment, or as restorative skin rejuvenation treatment, and is often used in combination with other procedures designed to improve the facial appearance.

What happens before and during PRPT treatment?

  • Initially clients will undergo a consultation to ensure the vampire facelift is suitable for them.
  • A doctor will assess the skin and make sure the non-surgical treatment is appropriate.
  • You will be given the opportunity to digest the information given, taking the time to make sure you understand the intricacies of the procedure.
  • During the treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma is obtained by taking a sample of the client’s own blood
  • This is then combined with restorative ingredients before being injected back into the skin where rejuvenation is required.
  • Treatment can take 40-50 minutes.
  • Four to six treatments at monthly intervals are recommended, and top up treatments will likely be required after six months.

Improving the texture and look of the skin, clients often report plumper facial tissue and a more youthful glow to the skin’s surface.

Why choose it?

We’re seeing an increasing number of men and women seeking additional anti-ageing treatments, or alternatives to dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections, and PRPT really fits the bill.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy promotes and increases blood circulation to the facial tissues and also boosts the production of new collagen. This in turn helps give clients a healthy, youthful complexion, and because it is an all-natural solution that’s injected back in to the body there’s limited complications associated with this form of skin rejuvenation.

Due to the versatility of this facial rejuvenation treatment, we can improve the appearance of numerous areas of the face, including the skin around the eyes, the jaw line, the neck and décolletage, and nasolabial folds, and even acne scarring can be reduced as a result of a vampire facelift.

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