Treatments for rejuvenating the eyes

Rejuvenating the eyes with non-surgical treatments

As we get older the signs of ageing affect our face in different ways, but rejuvenating the eyes has never been easier.

For some of us, fine lines appear around our eyes in our late twenties, for others it’s wrinkles around the mouth as we hit 40; whatever your ageing issue there is an answer.

As well as treatments there are products on the market claiming to make rejuvenating the eyes easy, but unfortunately these claims usually turn out to be fantasy. If you’re fed up with looking older than your years and feel your eyes are causing you to dislike your overall appearance, perhaps it’s time to consider the anti-ageing options available to you.

What treatments are available for rejuvenating the eyes?

There’s plenty of treatments for rejuvenating the eyes to choose from. Meeting with the team at Elixir Cosmetics could be your first proactive step towards a happier, more youthful-looking you.

It’s easy to get distressed as the signs of ageing start to take a hold, particularly on the face, because we present it to the world. Ageing is of course totally natural, but for those who want to hold the hands of time for a little longer there are some options that offer great results.

If lines are starting to become more obvious around the eyes, it might be worth considering a combination of anti-ageing injectable treatments (including extra-hard working medical skincare) to ensure you keep that sparkle for as long as possible.

Combination treatments

For some patients, combining dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections such as BOTOX to reduce the signs already showing on the face can help, as well as preventing further from developing.

These injectable treatments have come a long way, and we can create some fabulous and natural results – particularly around the eyes – without having to recommend surgical intervention.

Why choose non surgical treatments?

Quick, pain-free and affordable, injectable anti-ageing treatment is a viable option for both men and women, and as such has become one of the most popular forms of facial rejuvenation at our North London clinic.

We see people every day with similar complaints, but unlike many other clinics, our aim is to assess and treat each patient as an individual. That’s how you get the best results and ensure every man or woman we meet gets a unique, bespoke treatment plan.

Picking the best option

With so many treatments available it can be confusing to know which to pick – but the truth is a consultation with an injectable expert is the only way to really find out which options suit you as an individual.

Non-surgical aesthetic treatments are not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, so meeting a facial rejuvenation expert is a great way to ensure you’re getting the best treatment to address your concerns.

Ageing around the eyes – in particular crow’s feet – is a common issue and in choosing an expert you can be sure that you’ll be receiving the right injectable treatment for you.

Booking your consultation

An experienced cosmetic doctor has a special understanding of the anatomy and aesthetics of the face, and can accurately suggest how best to have your eye area looking more youthful during consultation. Why not find out more today, and start the journey to a wider-eyed you now? Book a consultation online here.

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