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Saggy Jowls

As you age, or indeed if you experience drastic weight loss, you lose volume in your face as the fat pads that support your skin shrink away, and the bone underneath also shrinks back.

The skin that now has lost its supports slides downwards, causing nose to mouth lines and jowls and sagging jaw line. Thankfully, there are very effective, safe and no downtime procedures that can be offered to reverse the hands of time and create a defined lifted jaw line once again.

The collagen production in our skin reduces resulting in the loss of skin firmness causing sagging and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Some think surgery is the only answer but we have various treatments that can lift the lower face and improve the appearance of jowls. Book a consultation to learn more.

Why consider treatment for saggy jowls?

Treatments for saggy jowls are perfect for those that want to make aesthetic changes to the lower face but don’t want to undergo invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, such as facelift surgery. We can improve the overall appearance of the face by lifting skin and helping the area look more youthful.

Who is suitable for this type of treatment?

Most patients come in using their hands to pull back the excess skin to show the effect and definition they would like to see again in their jaw line. Both men and women can undergo treatments to improve the appearance of the jowls and lower face. It is not a surgical procedure and the results will need topping up from time to time if you want to upkeep the end result.

What treatments can help lift the lower face?

We offer various non surgical facial rejuvenation treatments in order to lift saggy jowls safely and effectively. Below you’ll find some of our most popular treatments if you’d like to rejuvenate the lower face.

8 point facelift

There are multiple reasons why the 8 point non surgical facelift makes a suitable treatment for those worried about jowls. As well as rejuvenating the face, we can use this treatment to lift and firm the skin around the lower face.

Read more about the 8 point facelift here.

Dermal fillers

We can use injectable treatments such as dermal fillers to smooth and contour the lower face. Patients enjoy the benefits of fillers as they’re super quick to administer and can be combined with other facial rejuvenation treatments.

Read more about dermal fillers here.

What is a consultation for saggy jowl treatments like?

Consultations are an important part of the decision making process. It allows both you and your doctor to decide what the best treatment for your skin concern is, as well as whether combining treatments may be a good option. Dermal fillers, for example, are sometimes combined with PDO threads.

What happens during these treatments?

This depends on the non surgical aesthetic treatment/s you choose to undergo. After a full medical history is taken, then an examination is performed by a cosmetic doctor. Sometimes treatments are combined to give a better overall aesthetic results.

A tailor made treatment plan is devised for you and you’re encouraged to go away and think about whether the treatments suggested are what you want. You need to book a consultation before undergoing treatments for sagging skin. Check out our skin rejuvenation pages for more options.

Are these treatments painful?

As they are all non surgical there’s very few complications to consider, but all treatments come with a degree of risk and you should discuss this with your practitioner.

How many treatments do I need?

This depends on what treatment you decide to undergo. Some non invasive facelift options can be provided in one session while others may take several visits, but we’ll make sure you have all the information you need ahead of treatment.

Where can you get more information?

If you would like to know more about treatments to reduce saggy jowls with dermal fillers, PDO threads or the 8 point facelift please book a consultation with us. At Elixir Cosmetics we also offer other facial rejuvenation treatments to help transform the face, including Botox treatments for wrinkle relaxing.

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