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Thin Lips

Full lips are widely considered a thing of beauty, with celebrities sporting plump pouts – some are natural and some have had a little cosmetic help. It’s never been more popular to treat thin lips with cosmetic treatments like those we offer at Elixir Cosmetics.

Fuller lips are something many of our patients come to the clinic seeking, but it’s important to make sure they’re suitable and that lip enhancement will provide the results desired safely and effectively.

Our cosmetic doctors offer non invasive treatments such as dermal fillers to boost lip volume without the need for implants or surgery. We tailor all lip enhancement treatments to your specific aesthetic goals and make sure natural results are provided. Book a consultation to learn more about lip fillers.

Why consider lip enhancement treatment?

This is a treatment for patients with lips that lack fullness, definition or symmetry – lip enhancement can help create the perfect pout.

Thin lips are something we see many women want to change. Patients considering this cosmetic treatment usually want to enhance the shape or size of the upper lip; in some cases it’s both the upper and lower lip. As well as adding volume to the lips we also offer other injectable treatments that can compliment lip enhancement, such as non surgical nose reshaping treatments and Botox.

Who is suitable for this type of treatment?

Lip filler treatments are for patients with lips that lack fullness, definition or symmetry – lip enhancement can help create the perfect pout. We help women who want to enhance their lips, in a natural way. We don’t support overfilling and will only treat patients that understand this is designed to provide subtle enhancement not over-filled aesthetics. It is not a surgical procedure and the results will need topping up from time to time if you want to upkeep the end result.

What treatments can help reshape the lips?

We offer dermal fillers lip enchantment at Elixir Cosmetics. These injectables are non invasive and can be used to add volume, contour or fill areas of the face, in this case we use them for their volume providing properties. There are different types of fillers depending on the type of volumisation you need and a consultation is required to make sure lip fillers are the best type of treatment for you.

Lip augmentation with dermal filler has numerous benefits over lip implants. After lip filler treatment, our patients are pleased with their natural-looking results and benefit from the noticeable difference straight away. Read more about dermal fillers at Elixir Cosmetics here.

What is a consultation for lip filler treatments like?

You consultation is designed to help you understand what lip enhancement can achieve and allows you to explain your goals to your cosmetic doctor. They will assess your lip aesthetic now and advise you how they can help with dermal fillers to achieve a more volumised appearance to the lips. All consultations are given on a one-to-one basis in a relaxed in-clinic atmosphere with a qualified cosmetic doctor.

What happens during lip augmentation treatments?

Once you have been approved for treatment your cosmetic doctor will numb the area ahead of administering the lip fillers. The doctor will decide which areas of the lip the filler will be administered and how much product is required. A fine needle is used to deliver the dermal fillers. The injections take around 10-20 minutes depending on your treatment plan and you are able to return to work and home life immediately.

You need to book a consultation before lip enahcnement treatments or any of our other uses for fillers, such as chin reshaping.

Are treatments for thin lips painful?

Thanks to the numbing cream used patients shouldn’t feel pain, although there may be some stinging when this subsides. Side effects are minimal, making lip contouring treatments popular.

How many treatments do I need?

We also offer lip filler conservatively, so we may offer top up treatments to increase lip volume if needed at another appointment. We usually only need to see a patient once to perform a lip enhancement treatment with fillers. You will need follow up treatments in 12-18 months to maintain the results of your lip augmentation.

Where can you get more information?

We would be happy to discuss your lip enhancement needs with you. If you would like to know more about treating thin lips with dermal fillers please book a consultation with us.


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