What can muscle relaxing injections offer you?

Muscle relaxing injections for fine line and wrinkle reduction

Many clients visit Elixir Cosmetics in London seeking muscle relaxing injections, but there is often some confusion as to what these clever injectable anti-ageing treatments can really offer.

Unlike dermal fillers and volumisers – which are forms of anti-ageing injectable treatment designed to plump the skin and fill creases in the skin – muscle relaxing injections are used to freeze existing lines, as well as reducing new wrinkles from forming.

Commonly – but incorrectly – called Botox (which is actually a brand of muscle relaxing injection product, rather than a treatment) muscle relaxing injections are non-surgical and widely available. At Elixir Cosmetics we offer Botox Cosmetic as our wrinkle relaxing injectable of choice.

What are the benefits of muscle relaxing injections specifically?

  • Non-invasive (no surgery is required)
  • Painless when used with a topical anaesthetic
  • No downtime required; you can head straight back to work
  • Results last 6-9 months
  • There are very few risks or side effects associated with muscle relaxing injections
  • Treatment time is quick

Unlike dermal fillers, wrinkle reduction injections do not fill or plump the skin; they are not used for volume restoration, nor can they be used to augment the lips or nose in other aesthetic treatments. However, unique to muscle relaxing injections is the host of other cosmetic and medical uses for the product.

Other uses for Botox Cosmetic

Did you know that the same substance used to freeze facial muscles resulting in the reduction of new wrinkles forming can also be used to relieve excessive sweating? Injected in to the hands or armpits, these injections can prevent embarrassing conditions such as excessive sweating in just one treatment.

Versatile to say the least, muscle relaxing injections can also be used for a variety of medical reasons, making them one of the most widely accepted methods of treatment by both medical and aesthetic experts alike.

Where to go for the best muscle relaxing injections

Dr Qureshi offers muscle relaxing injections to male and female clients from across London. A full consultation is required prior to treatment to ensure clients have a full understanding of what this form of anti-ageing injectable can achieve, as well as the risks and complications associated with it.

Generally, this is considered a very safe and reliable form of anti-ageing skin rejuvenation, however, it is still a medical treatment and the correct precautions should be made.

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As well as injectables including alternatives to Botox, the clinic also offers a full range of non-surgical anti-ageing skin rejuvenation treatments designed to improve the skin on the inside as well as the outside.

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